Peter Munder Good was raised in the Pennsylvania countryside where he developed a keen appreciation for nature.  He started Goodscapes in 1980 and has designed and installed many residential gardens throughout the Bay Area.  His solid reputation comes from having a keen eye for design details, a commitment to quality, and a broad knowledge of plants.

In 1987, Good was awarded an international internship to Wakehurst Place, the county estate of Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in England.  He collaborated in the renovation of San Francisco Botanical Garden’s Eastern Australian, Rhododendron, Camellia Gardens, and Children’s Garden.  More recently, Goodscapes built and installed Presidio Habitats, worked with Andy Goldsworthy installing Wood Line in The Presidio, and collaborated on a community woodland project in Oxfordshire, England.  He is most proud of his continuing contribution to Garden for the Environment in San Francisco.

For his project Habitat/Inhabit at Recology, Good made use of all parts of a dead Monterey pine tree in the Recology Sculpture Garden, creating a sustainable and functional installation.  Cuttings from the trunk serve as stepping stones that lead to a carved bench which is incorporated into the base of what remains of the tree.  A large nest made of branches will serve as shelter for animals, and the installation is surrounded by mulch made from other parts of the tree which will conserve water as well as build soil structure. Good’s work can be seen during tours of the facility.

Residency: March 2015 - June 2015

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