My medium is sculpture in glass and light. I combine glass and light along with water, rocks, metal and other materials. Most of my sculptures are site-specific installations that provide light and drama to both outdoor and indoor spaces.

In January 1998, the office in which I had been working as an environmental planner for nine years was abruptly closed. Although this closing was an emotional and financial shock to me, it became an opportunity to pursue my art work full-time once more. For many years, I had been juggling two careers: artist and environmental planner. As I got more deeply involved in environmental planning, I realized my art was moving into the environment. The two careers had intersected.

The shock of losing my day job forced me to rethink what aspects of my art were most crucial to me. I realized that light and glass were the excitement I felt compelled to work with and that nature was the environment in which I wished to place these works.

My residency at Recology San Francisco taught me the immense power that uninterrupted effort has to transform one’s work. I was able to create a significant body of new sculptures made from objects found in the waste stream, mostly materials I had never used before.

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