Fun is the universal language. Information is learned through visceral experience. Exploring ourselves through motion, we face our joys and excitement as well as our fears and hesitation. Physical memories hold lakeside property in our consciousness.

Much of my artwork consists of bicycle-powered kinetic sculpture. Participants move themselves through space by pushing bicycle pedals. People-powered machines engage us in active participation with the machines. The process of propulsion is in the hands of the participant.  The participant can experiment with the machine and respond to stimulus directly. We experience the organic nature of propelling ourselves.

Playful interaction with the machines results in an individual experience for the participant. Personalities are often revealed when participants act and react. Machines with multiple riders counterbalance each other. The dynamic between participants further unfolds. The machines become personality amplifiers.

Sensory learning through motion is one the most significant phases of our early development.  Physical presence in our environment brings us close to how we develop.  The excitement of motion reminds us of learning to move ourselves as we experience our environment for the first time.

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Residency: February 2008 - May 2008
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 23  &  Saturday, May 24

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Photos for this artist.