I am a video/new media artist who works with computers, photographs, and films. I use recycled materials, such as 8 and 16mm home movies, found photographs, and found letters. I edit these in the computer and create short videos, prints, and three-dimensional installations.

I am concerned with issues of memory, how we interpret and understand our collective and individual histories; more specifically the way that we shape and create our lives in relation to popular culture, movies, and also technology and consumerism.

I am interested in old-new-media, that is, media that is at least one generation behind, something that used to be the newest, not that long ago. I am interested in the hybrid, in-between condition: things that are old-new, analogue-digital, history-future.

I like technology that allows me to work fast, but at the same time, I like the analogue, the organic, that allows me thinking time as a part of the process. New media art doesn’t mean just pushing buttons. It is, to me, also thinking about the buttons, their function, aesthetics, and history.

Residency: August 2005 - October 2005
Art Exhibition: Friday, October 21  &  Saturday, October 22

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