See the Channel 20 news report about Nome Edonna and Sudhu Tewari from January 24, 2007.  Watch a video by Mark Gunnion of our art exhibition for Sudhu Tewari and Nome Edonna in January 2007.

Art is the result of satisfying a constant inner compulsion to create.  My work is a personal (and at times universal) translation of contemporary urban life in San Francisco, U.S.A.

I tend to alternate between up-front, in-your-face social/political statements and more obscure interpretations of our present condition, which leave the viewer in charge of connecting the dots.  Through regular use of discarded materials in my work, I attempt to not only recycle but also make a comment on our rampant “throw-away” society. In the end my hope is to create a portal for the viewer bridging the gap between “what now is” and “what possibly can be!”

Residency: October 2006 - January 2007
Art Exhibition: Wednesday, January 31  &  Friday, January 26  &  Saturday, January 27

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