Through my work, I hope to gain an understanding of things in the process of becoming. I try to create a scene that exists in a tenuous balance, suspended between an unseen past and an uncertain future. This is a place that faces both fear and fascination.

I’m motivated by uncertainty because it offers so many possibilities and interpretations; however, it is also something that I fear, deeply. Accepting uncertainty means losing control over a belief or a wish; it always proves difficult to accept, but change allows for new potential. In my work, I try to illustrate a feeling of tension and anxiety that’s related to this feeling of not knowing – not knowing the answer. I use symbols that I collect and connect together to create a new context and open up new interpretations.

My images all draw from personal questions and curiosities; however, I don’t ask that they offer any certain conclusions. I prefer that they remain connected to a hazy, obfuscated sense of sight. I use these photographs to describe what I cannot explain — to try to articulate what, for me, may never have an answer.

Photos for this artist.

Residency: June 2006 - September 2006
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 22  &  Saturday, September 23

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Photos for this artist.