Neil Mendoza’s work combines sculpture, electronics and software to bring inanimate objects and spaces to life. By combining found objects with technology in unexpected ways, the different elements of his work can be looked at from a new perspective. He explores themes of the absurd, the humorous, the futile and the surreal.

Mendoza has an MA in math and computer science from Oxford University and an MFA in design media art from UCLA. He has spoken at conferences around the world, taught classes on art and technology at UCLA and Stanford, and co-founded the art collective “Is This Good?”

His artwork has been exhibited by The Ars Electronica Center, Arena 1 Gallery, The Barbican, BBC Big Screens, The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Currents New Media Festival, The Exploratorium, ISEA, Kinetica, Minnesota Street Projects, Oi Futuro, The Museum of London, The Nottingham Playhouse, PICNIC Festival, Recology, SIGGRAPH, The Science Museum, Telfair Museum, The V&A, Watermans, YouFab and Young Projects Gallery among others. He has also received media coverage from national and international publications such as the BBC, Creators Project, Design Boom, Hyperallergic, Neural, This is Colossal, The Sunday Times and Wired.

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Residency: February 2018 - May 2018
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 18  &  Saturday, May 19  &  Tuesday, May 22

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