My art practice is a way of embodying observations which I feel are deserving of a closer inspection or alternate platform in which to exist. Much of the work has been an attempt to capture a tone or moment which has passed, some are tributes to people, visual manifestations of musings, or they serve as record of an event, or absence. When making work, I’ll intuitively combine materials with processes which will best convey this experience. Recently, I have been experimenting with the interplay of sculptural forms with sound, light, video projection, and performance.

I find that working across disciplines is helpful in the realm of installation and interactive works, as a multitude of techniques and media is often needed to achieve the sensorial and immersive experience I seek. With the sculptural objects (whether obsessively repetitious or minimal), I attempt to amplify the natural resonance of the materials, as well as the innate power of the forms in relation to the environment in which it is being viewed. However, the goal with all the work is the same: to propel thought and consciousness, increase compassion and wonder, and to captivate (both the viewer and the maker). I am a current undergraduate studio art major at San Francisco State, studying with Mike Arcega–a former Recology artist-in-residence.

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Residency: February 2017 - May 2017
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 19  &  Saturday, May 20

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