A number of years ago I used to incorporate found materials into my artwork. I enjoyed granting a new life to things previously cast off as garbage.  I was living in New York City at the time and resources were plentiful.  When I moved to San Francisco, however, I had to severely curtail my assemblage work as I found such resources less plentiful. I began to work primarily as a painter instead.

Recently my artwork has been exploring my concerns over man’s impact upon the environment. Although I have been addressing these issues through paint, I wonder whether a return to the assemblage of found objects could potentially propel my work further. Perhaps utilizing items cast off by others would allow my art to resonate differently.

When I learned of the residency program offered by Recology San Francisco, I saw it to be an excellent opportunity for me to return to assemblage. I was greatly inspired by touring the program’s facilities and seeing the work created by previous resident artists. The program’s mission to recycle garbage as art fit my art’s theme and I wanted to be able to inspire others to make art from garbage as well.

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Residency: August 2004 - October 2004
Art Exhibition: Friday, October 22  &  Saturday, October 23

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