My aim is to rearrange reality through a process of equal parts creation and discovery. With a strong use of appropriation — whether it’s from canonical art history or the free section on Craigslist — I am attempting to recreate the world from the world, resulting in new and unexpected contexts.  The objects I make speak a specific language of mash-up and amalgamation.  It’s as if the world were a snow globe that was shaken up and put back down with everything slightly off.

One goal I have for my work is that it have the sensation of familiarity but that something is not quite right — something that asks to be considered more.  A familiar note may act as the initial hook while bizarre or unresolved elements place the work in a new space. These objects undergo a specific language of transformation, while an analogous change in perspective occurs within the viewer.

Photos and press release for this artist.

Residency: September 2014 - January 2015
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 23  &  Saturday, January 24

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