Lora Martens is a landscape architect and artist from Northern California.  Her work in landscape has been system-based, with projects that strive to use the land to its full potential – as ecological infrastructure, a place of exposure and deep connection, as well as a place of beauty.

Marten’s Recology residency allowed her embark on an investigation of the role landscape design can play in solving the challenges of our times.  Can landscape design provide solutions to income inequality?  Can it be a tool used to combat climate change?  Can it inspire empathy with suffering?

Lora is drawn to the practical nature of landscape design.  The ultimate success of her projects is for the plants to thrive and the work to improve with age.  Her use of native and climate appropriate plants is important to her goal of having our built landscapes celebrate the region we live in.

Martens has been very honored to partner with Recology as a gardener-in-residence and have a space of her very own to explore the ideas she finds most powerful.


Residency: September 2015 - March 2015

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