The assorted fragments in my work are worn with age. So much so that the subjects we witness are from a lifetime ago. Not my lifetime, but someone else’s.  Time has elapsed.  The subjects are expired.  They are past the state in which we see them, certainly past the moment at which the source image was captured.  And so I wonder, what is the relationship between maker and subject, between people and tattered things?  Old cookbooks, magazines, clothes, papers, photographs, these are the frayed relics of lifetimes, of other times.  In the process of making I committed to a consciousness which narrates a correspondence between myself and these erstwhile memories.  In my studio I have spent time with my subjects, I have had conversations with them, I have studied them.

This project is a window for experimentation and visual improvisation.  I am curious about the obscure sociological weight of my materials and their source location. My aim is to evoke imagination, create a visual space for inquiry, and to put forth the familiar oddities of discarded materials.

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