Leilah Talukder explores the role that objects and wearables have in forming human experience, interaction, and desire from a historical, cultural, and personal point of view.

Talukder utilizes textiles, wearables, and sculpture to investigate the power dynamics of labor in our globalized world, and the fashion industry. There are value judgments imposed on the aesthetics of the handmade and the mass-produced, and these overlap with American habits of consumption and identity formation. By elevating the seemingly mundane to the status of art object, Talukder reveals the issue of unseen/‘unskilled’ labor in the production of textiles and garments. 

Leilah was a student at UC Berkeley when she was in residence.

Leilah Talukder
Patterning Privacy
Virtual Exhibition




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Residency: February 2020 - October 2021

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