I derive structure, material, and process for my multi-media work from uncanny visual circumstances in the terrain of our constructed environs.  I am particularly interested in the arbitrary, yet seemingly composed moments that can occur at the fringes of the In-Between.  I find comfort in this incidental formalism that suggests a collective consciousness and elegant design in a seemingly haphazard world.

The deconstruction and cannibalization of the work serves to question the commodification of an artwork as well as address the perpetuity of an idea.  The work becomes generative for new work at the brink of its own destruction rather than fixed at a single moment.  My inventory of material gains potency as visual traces of past projects accumulate upon it.

I am interested in finding balance through disjunctive formal relationships; finding form through an objective; manipulating the parameters of an architectural situation; and transporting the viewer from a material relationship to a psychological experience as they encounter the work.

I am dedicated to re-imagining collected materials from my immediate surroundings in ways that incite possibilities while also creating a paradigm that reflects the precariousness of the built world—one that is in a perpetual state of flux.

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Residency: June 2013 - September 2013
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 20  &  Saturday, September 21

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