One of the most fraught subjects to talk about through artwork is art itself, the conflicts that it presents personally for the artist, and in the broader terms of the commercial and institutional stages of the art world. I address these topics through video, painting, and publications. I use dense theory as a foil to more whimsical and profane language and images. Over-acting, cheesy special effects, slapstick, and childish humor are used in contrast with the seriousness of the worlds and people being probed. Through the use of fantasies and alternative realities I explore different roles, act out fears and anxieties, and in showing their absurdity, I might diminish their power over me, and perhaps over the viewer.

Photos and press release for this artist.

Residency: February 2016 - May 2016
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 20  &  Saturday, May 21

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