My work is a visual dialogue between abstraction and representation in paintings, drawings, and prints. A wide variety of subjects – from the personal to the political – influence my art making.  I make many pieces where nonobjective elements commingle with figurative forms. For example, I have included images such as surveillance cameras; fragments of women’s bodies; the wreckage left behind after hurricane Katrina; military aircraft; and birds in flight.  Recently I have been working simultaneously on series that allow either abstraction or figuration to dominate more fully.

The more abstract paintings depict expansion and growth, even explosion – perhaps on the cellular level, or in infinite spatial relationships.  Fragmentation of the surface image reveals glimpses into other vistas.  I often think of the figurative elements in my works as nouns in a sentence – describing a particular. Removing the figure from the work allows greater freedom for any specific meaning to evolve through a synthesis with the viewer’s imagination rather than having a narrative suggested by me.

I hope the pictures communicate a sense of humor and playfulness as well as an engagement with the world we live in today. Although many issues are referenced, the work itself remains non-linear, seeking to raise questions rather than to give answers.

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Residency: October 2014 - January 2015
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 23  &  Saturday, January 24
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