I create art that explores popular myth and rituals.  Our shared mythologies become the material for my art projects.  My work deals with my personal experience as an American and the “performativity” within my culture.  From the American warrior myth to muscle cars and biker culture, my participatory installations accentuates the fine line between reality and make believe.  They are a place for the audience and artist to explore popular mythology, blurring the line between audience, art, and everyday life.

I view American society, its culture and traditions, as a grand stage play in which we all participate.  It can be compared to the all American spectacle of pro-wrestling.  The wrestlers, the ring, and the audience have a shared role in the performance, creating an exaggerated expression of our inner desires, beliefs and emotions.  I model my own practice after this form of participatory event.

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Residency: February 2010 - May 2010
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 14  &  Saturday, May 15

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