I paint on sheetrock and reclaimed construction boards using discarded paint to bring attention to necessary structures that not only protect us from the elements, but divide, encompass, and define societies as well.  Historically, walls have been vehicles for personalization, canvasses to decorate, and tell the stories of our existence.

Looking beyond the utilitarian definition, a wall’s function has true sociological relevance.  On the surface, from prehistoric caves to fanciful wallpapers of the twentieth century, we use walls to express ourselves.  We introduce color into a white room, hang art or wallpaper, and make a space our own.  But in addition to being a place for self-expression, the overwhelming speed at which walls go up is resulting in harmful consequence to our environment being a leading cause of imperilment of species in California.  It is exactly this dissonance between sociological necessity of walls and the destructive environmental consequences that I am attracted to.

By using discarded remnants of materials used for building walls, my intention is to redraw attention to them and in some small way, bridge this discord and at the same time create something significant and special.  I hope to turn this ‘garbage’ into a statement about the ‘walls’ that divide us culturally, and the decorations that bring us together.

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Residency: February 2009 - May 2009
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 15  &  Saturday, May 16

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