Seemingly candid, my photographs depict themes of identity and intimacy, often employing real scenarios and familiar people.  I am attracted to the possibilities of photography as a form of visual representation that explores personal narratives and invites us to project fictions and new interpretations of reality, as the dichotomy between what is real and what is staged becomes blurred in front of the camera.

I construct visual narratives as a strategy to make depictions of contemporary life and private experiences.  My intentions reside in investigating personal stories to express connections between people.  Rather than trying to fully understand or fix the world, I create photographs to express my own relationship to the experience of living, mindful of portraying the people I meet on the way.

I am a printer as much as I am a photographer.  Attracted to the physicality of the photograph and how the image is rendered on paper, I am interested in the ways in which a photograph is able to convey emotional responses not only by its content but also by its physical qualities. The history of photography as an artistic practice of producing durable images is a major source of inspiration to me.  I feel the more I look at meaningful photographs, the more photographs I want to make.

Photos and press release for this artist.

Residency: February 2014 - May 2014
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 23
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