The marks left by people and the way nature incorporates those marks into the landscape have always fascinated me.  Human-made environments are in time turned back to nature.  I am interested in the point at which nature has infiltrated and textured the relics, but has not yet absorbed the evidence of a human narrative.  This is the basis for the highly detailed cement foundations I have constructed.  These details include natural and constructed objects, such as living plants and miniature bricks cut from found bricks.  Fragility is a major element of my work; these highly fragile aspects degrade over the duration of an installation.  The viewer contributes to this degradation, as people rarely pass without leaving an impact on what’s around them, and certain elements in the sculptures capitalize on this occurrence, i.e. sections made of ash.  For this reason I consider the sculptures to be “living.”  I incorporate unique aspects of the gallery, such as pipes or building vibrations, making the work site specific.  The composition of the installation is based not on architecture, but anti-architecture.  It is composed of what is left behind rather than what was once there, and in some cases gambles on what is assumed will collapse during the exhibit to complete the composition.

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Residency: June 2009 - September 2009
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 25  &  Saturday, September 26

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