I am a collector of objects and images. Over two decades after finding my first camera I am still photographing, and scouring flea markets and streets for interesting items. What someone is discarding as useless, I often see as rich in form and texture…and still of use.

Today, I take this picture-making and object collecting a step further by printing on the found objects themselves.  Using an antiquarian process, I coat materials such as metal, wood, and stone with a silver-sensitive solution that allows me to print directly on the surface. Scratches, dents, and dings from the object’s previous life are visible, adding to its aged expression. The objects themselves become the “canvas”… but far from blank, they are loaded with cultural history and implied meanings. T he challenge is to find just the right imagery to marry with the chosen object. A subtle new dialogue is created between subject and object, often delivering an ironic or humorous twist.

Printing on 3D materials as opposed to ready made paper opens up unlimited sculptural possibilities.  I’m interested in the play of photography with sculpture … photography exhibited “off the wall” or outside the traditional frame.

Residency: May 2004 - July 2004
Art Exhibition: Friday, July 23

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