From a tendency to engage in highly process-driven tactile endeavors, a natural inclination to salvage, and a deep appreciation for architecture and the natural environment, I explore, stretch and refine the typical associations and intended functions of mundane, excess and disregarded materials. I encounter these materials in various conditions. In some cases the patina of use is clearly visible through the worn surfaces, slightly rounded edges, darkness or fading and so forth, and I feel responsible to restore it. In other cases, the material has somewhat of a sterile quality from lack of use, and I feel compelled to give it some warmth. I am enamored by these qualities and attribute my responsiveness and material sensibility to my past training in the craft-based disciplines of woodworking and furniture design.

I draw from a variety of investigation methods where intuitive direct-hand manipulation, traditional craft processes, and computer-aided technology are the central part of my research tools. My predisposition to work in a rhythmic fashion, reflective of my internal cadence, is expressed through the repetition of these processes or tasks, deepening my understanding, sensitivity and appreciation of a material’s inherent characteristics and nuances. Creating multiple configurations allows me to identify existing patterns and, at the same time, process, map and generate new ones.  The resulting functional objects, sculptural forms and installations are my attempts to transform these overlooked materials beyond novelty and to reveal their unbounded value.

Concurrently I have been engaged in collaborative art, science and engineering projects at inception, as a creative practitioner in problem-driven and evidence-based research. Through the identification of certain patterns across media, scale and disciplines, I continue to develop a pattern language to connect seemingly divergent elements and systems. The resulting tangible outputs from my creative practice are my attempts to call attention to the ever-present common threads of our interconnected environment.

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Residency: October 2008 - January 2009
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 23  &  Saturday, January 24

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