Artist Statement – Every time I start working on a new piece of art, the beauty of the materials inform my work, challenging and motivating me. I like to focus on the inherent tactile qualities of the materials I choose as well as their history and the social implications of using them.

I am excited to be able to explore the hidden world of the transfer station and discover new materials to inspire me. I intend to use the skills I’ve developed working in wood, paper mache, painting, and photography to guide my vision as I go through this unique experience.

Bio – Christian J. Barrios was born in Mexico City where he learned the art of ceramic painting in the historic Talavera tradition at a young age through his family’s business. At the age of 16 he moved to the United States and later studied under master marquetry artist Gene Zanni. During this time he also studied painting, paper mache and photography.

Christian is an active participant in the Oregon and Washington Latino art scene, with exhibitions at the Portland Art Museum, Portland State University, The Dalles Art Center, Concordia University and many others throughout both states. Christian’s work can be found in private collections in Mexico, Canada, California, Oregon and Washington. He currently works with the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s Right Brain Initiative and the Hombres Honor Program at Hillsboro High School.

Art Exhibition: Friday, August 4

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