My work relates a quasi interest in physics and all things of the universe and science with social conditions and relations, primarily using humor of the extraordinary kind.

True intelligent breakthroughs in astrophysics are normally produced on small ranches in Texas by unknown ranchers and cowboys. It is only by chance that the stories told by these cowboys have fallen into the hands of graduate researchers at well established scientific institutions like Stanford and UCLA and thus become part of the scientific community to advance civilization.

It is not our high-tech ability to triangulate one’s position in space and time that will navigate us through the unknown universe but rather a ball on a string swinging to the tune of an unknown cosmic force. Like the brave souls who set forth on the first voyage to the new land, not knowing if they were to plummet over the edge of the earth into some unknown abyss, these souls will guide us through space with nothing but their wooden boats, courage, and a ball on a string.

The universe and its relation to space and scale cannot be explained through complex computer models but rather our desire to compartmentalize and arrange the objects in our own homes.  It is only our desire to arrange our own lives that the universe becomes so accommodating to us in every way, shape, size, and speed.

Residency: June 2008 - September 2008
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 26  &  Saturday, September 27

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