I am an interdisciplinary artist with a curiosity for the invisible systems and histories that shape our lives and perspectives. Usually made in response to a site or context, my work often takes the form of multi-media installation, video, or performance.  I also incorporate a non-material, collaborative element into my practice, which has taken the form of lectures and performances.  The undercurrent that lies below all of my work is a roving research practice.  Recent research subjects have included lace, nets, and blackouts, such as power failure, curfew, censorship, and invisibility, and how these subjects exist as both form and idea. I arrived at blackouts as a conceptual point by way of an ongoing investigation into the history of artificial lighting, which grew out of a study of lamp oil and the relationship between humans and whales.  What draws me to a subject is often a quality of endlessness, and the capacity of a poetic web to grow from a central focal point.  My intention is to make visible the process of tracing this web through research, and to represent the transitional space of trying to connect to ideas larger than ourselves.

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Residency: February 2017 - May 2017
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 19  &  Saturday, May 20  &  Tuesday, May 23

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