Artist Statement – My work is an ongoing investigation of disintegration and decay, to understand life-cycles, origins and survival. Inspired by taxonomies of the natural world, I attempt to fuse a relationship between humans and the environment.

My aim is to evoke deliberation of responsibility, deterioration and empathy. Collecting reclaimed items allows me to survey materiality and address the impact consumerism has on the earth– specifically overproduction resulting in throwaway culture. I pursue deconstruction of objects for new uses, along with methods of meticulous layering, sequential connections and tension control. In an attempt to relocate value in the textile industry, I give agency to thread filaments, while investigating how the lifespan of fibers eventually degrades back into the earth.

Bio – Caroline Borucki is a sculpture artist and slow fashion clothier who creates with reclaimed materials, natural fibers, clay and wood. Inspired by taxonomies of the natural world, she explores metaphoric relationships between humans and the environment. Born in Chicago and now living in Portland, Oregon, Caroline is a candidate in the MFA in Applied Craft + Design program at PNCA/OCAC. She began working with repurposed textiles for her apparel line of small batch garments, upon receiving a BA at Dominican University.

Art Exhibition: Friday, August 4

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