Artist Statement – Things, whether newly bought or recently discarded, are ambiguous until we assign value and meaning. I am fascinated by the liminal space between those things that we hold onto forever and what we thoughtlessly toss out. When do the things that were once comforting, affirming, or desirable, somehow lose their luster? I am interested in the everyday anxieties and stories that these things can tell because our lives are intimately wrapped up in these treasures and our trash is just as much tied to our emotional lives as the stuff that stays. I want to explore how these once cherished things can be reanimated rather than replaced, into work that is dictated by discovery. I’m interested in directing the flexibility of ordinary refuse into things that are once again desirable.

Bio – Brittany is an artist from Indianapolis, currently earning her MFA from PNCA/OCAC’s joint Applied Craft + Design program. With a background in creative writing, the brain, furniture design and sculpture, her work takes varied forms, such as sculptural furniture(ish) and performance. Her inspirations range from formalist photographer Albert Renger Patzsche, to painter and video artist Janaina Tschape, as well as fiber and installation artist Gabrielle Dugan. Her process is reactive, combining foraging and making in order to understand the context of selfhood – how we create a narrative of ourselves. This piece-making reveals the parts we aren’t showing other people, or aren’t showing ourselves.

Art Exhibition: Friday, August 3

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