It is my intention to have my artwork ask more questions than assert hard answers and overt meaning.  I like to create situations where initial perceptions about a particular piece of artwork are not immediately understood; creating what Walter Benjamin termed, “the blind spot,” or a moment of mental detach that incites conceptual thought.  Here interpretations derived become dependent on an individuals level of inquiry while engaging with the work rather than it being didactic or preachy.

Aesthetically, I am a formalist at heart.  Using reclaimed material that is often untidy and muddled in its appearance and redeeming it into a carefully crafted object is a pleasurable part of my process.  At first glance my work may appear oddly familiar or utilitarian, but on closer investigation of the materials and their re-contextualization, the viewer may need to reconsider initial ideas as they discover more layers of meaning.

My goal as an artist is to engage a broad audience.  By creating objects with a certain amount of familiarity, I try to entice the viewer and instill a sense of curiosity about our global culture and how it shapes our landscape and molds our lives.

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Residency: June 2008 - September 2008
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 26  &  Saturday, September 27

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