I work in solidarity with thinkers across fields undoing the construct of “nature” as a thing separated from us. Informed by the sciences and the examination and undoing of cultural narratives I am interested in humans as vectors affecting ecosystems both positively and negatively. My work addresses issues of species-loss, the processes of commercial mediation in late-capitalist society— as well as the individual and collective experience of loss, heartbreak and longing in the anthropocene. My thinking grapples with what it is to live a human life amid a moment that is profoundly rare in the geologic history of the planet. How we negotiate our day-to-day lives and responsibilities— amid the overarching specter of rapid global change is the wellspring of my practice. I approach these issues with an interstitial studio practice that encompassing writing, drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture, social-practice and activism, and much of my work outside the studio exists in collaboration with the public. I believe the over-specialization and siloing of fields including science and the arts works to their detriment and seek to make spaces for cross-pollination.

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Residency: February 2019 - May 2019
Art Exhibition: Friday, May 17  &  Saturday, May 18  &  Tuesday, May 21

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