At every construction zone, a reoccurring image denies to be overlooked. Intersecting vectors from telephone poles, cranes, and wood debris build up geometries and cruciforms that accumulate to semblances of ships.  Swaying power and telephone lines resemble towering sails and riggings that move uncontrollably due to an approaching storm.  A space that symbolizes construction and progress reflects chaos and destruction.  At this scene trajectories of histories and traditions collide. The past restructures itself by delineating a passage into the constantly reoccurring future. The passage acts as a point of slippage; oscillating in and out of form producing afterimages of the impact.  The reoccurring image triggers a memory that is migratory, unstable, shifting, twisting, and in constant flux.

I am interested in the interchangeability of a symbol, a placement/displacement binary of people, places, and things that operates as dualities within the context of experience, time, and space.  Through the investigation of materials and the constructed form, I have discovered a way to twist and create tensions that uncover the potentiality of materials by exceeding their expectancy of use and function.  My work unravels from a personal narrative, translating the parts but leaving it open for interpretation and reflection.

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Residency: June 2011 - September 2011
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 23  &  Saturday, September 24

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