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The Truth About Recycling: 7 Questions with the Recology Head of Sustainability Image
The Truth About Recycling: 7 Questions with the Recology Head of Sustainability

In honor of this year’s Earth Month theme: “Planet vs. Plastics”, Julia Mangin, Head of Sustainability at Recology, recently sat down for a Q&A to dispel some of the myths around recycling, discuss the complexities around the recycling process, and explain the importance of contributing to the circular economy. Read on for Julia’s answers to […]

Watch: “Back to the Core: A Compost Story” Image
Watch: “Back to the Core: A Compost Story”

A new video released by Recology follows the journey of food scraps from curbside green bins to compost facilities to local farms.

Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy Image
Rethinking waste: Recology’s methane reduction strategy

Landfills, the third-largest source of methane emissions globally, significantly contribute to the climate crisis. While the waste management industry traditionally relies heavily on landfills, an alternative approach that focuses on resource recovery—diverting material from landfills for recycling into new products or returning to the earth—is paramount in methane reduction. Reuters, Dec. 12, 2023. 

Battery Bag Recycling Image
Battery Bag Recycling

All residential customers in Vacaville will have received a free battery recycling bag in the mail. Use the bag to store your dead batteries, then when the bag is full, simply place it on top of your blue recycling card on your next service day. Residents may also recycle their used batteries at the Recology […]

Pink Cart Program Image
Pink Cart Program

Pink garbage carts are available for customers who want a unique way to show support for local cancer patients! The highly visible cart makes a memorable statement of your support. Recology Vacaville Solano is leasing pink carts for $200 per year from October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2024. All the funds from the lease go […]

Free Compost Image
Free Compost

Free compost is available from 4/1 – 10/31 to Vacaville residents who reside inside city limits at Recology’s Jepson Prairie Organics facility located at 6324 Hay Road in Vacaville. Residents may self-load up to four cubic yards of compost per day at no charge. Show your residual waste bill or other identification at the scale house. If you have any questions, contact Jepson Prairie Organics at 707.678.4718.

Fall is Leaf Season Image
Fall is Leaf Season

Along with the beauty of fall comes a few challenges for homeowners – what to do about all those leaves?

What is Senate Bill (SB) 1383? Image
What is Senate Bill (SB) 1383?

SB1383 is new legislation that requires all residents and businesses to divert organic material away from the landfill. Starting January 1st, 2022 you will be required to compost.

Read our 2023 Sustainability Report Image
Read our 2023 Sustainability Report

Recology is proud to announce the release of our 2023 Sustainability Report! This year’s report showcases our company-wide commitment to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting our diverse employee-owners, and partnering with local communities to achieve our shared goals.