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Billing adjustments or credits will not exceed 30 days from the time of the notification by customer.

Yes.  Recology can place business accounts on hold (month-to-month basis).  Account holders must notify Recology in advance. Contact us at

Yes. Please notify us at least 2 weeks prior to the date you wish to place the account on hold. Residential customers may place an account on hold up for up to three months.  Customers are still responsible for paying the monthly dwelling and $10 fee for placing the account on hold. Contact us at […]

If your service location already has bins that fit your needs, please continue to use them. If you are missing any bins, contact our Customer Service team so that we can schedule a delivery of the missing bins. Email us at

Closing your online Recology account means that you have disabled your online access and any existing autopay.  Your account is still active.  Please  email Customer Service for further assistance to close out your account at

No, payments made by credit card (online or over the phone) are not assessed fees.

Residential and Apartment accounts are not subject to late fees; however, delinquent accounts may be subject to a potential lien against the property.

Each unit is allowed up to 32-gallons of landfill material, charged using normal service rates. After a customer reaches the 32-gallon limit, each additional 32-gallons is charged a premium fee in the form of an “excess trash fee”. There are no premiums charged for larger blue/recycle or green/compost containers.

Lockbox refers to our receipt of your last payment at our payment processing center located in Los Angeles. It does not mean a charge for a lockbox.

If you live in the Mercer Island area, Recology is your one-stop shop for garbage, recycling, and compost service. You may sign up for service or change your container size by calling Customer Service at 206.381.6980 or by submitting the appropriate online form below. Existing customers can use this form to change service levels to […]