Can you help if I am disabled or elderly and cannot set my bins out for service on my own?

Recology San Mateo County’s Special Handling Collection Service provides a free service to residents who are
physically unable to set their carts curbside or roadside for collection. Customers that need the assistance and
who do not have someone else in the household that can set carts out for service, are asked to provide a letter of
verification from a physician, a copy of their DMV driver’s license with a handicap status, or a copy of the DMV
handicap placard paperwork. Download an application or contact us and we will send one out to you.

Recology San Mateo County also offers Backyard Collection Service for any resident who does not wish to bring
their carts out for service. Recology will make arrangements to service the carts from a mutually designated area
for an additional fee, dependent upon the distance and elevation from the curb, and if the driver needs to unlock
any doors.

Please contact us at (650) 595-3900 to learn more.