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Recology serves communities in California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada, including the San Francisco Bay Area, the Los Angeles Area, Portland, and Seattle.

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What most people "consider" garbage is mostly compostable, recyclable or recoverable. Few things, once they are used, are actually waste material.  Among such things are broken glass, latex gloves and other complex materials that were not designed to be recycled.

“Waste” is created when materials that are reusable (like old furniture), compostable or recyclable are mixed with non-recyclable materials that contaminate them.

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Recology: a world without waste

San Francisco Garbage Collector Has His Ups and Downs

Dave Franzoia, 54, offers simple advice to collecting garbage from San Francisco's Telegraph Hill: "You just put it out of your head, you just do your job," the veteran Recology garbage collector said sagely.

The advice doesn't fully illuminate much of the cliffhangers of Franzoia’s job - hauling trash bins up and down sprawling stairways on the city’s famous hill - where roads sometimes don’t reach.