Thanksgiving Holiday Collection Schedules

Recology will provide regular service for recycling, composting, and garbage collection during Thanksgiving week, including Thanksgiving Day.  Thursday Customers, please place your bins out on Wednesday evening for collection, as normal collection-time windows may be affected. Our customer service office will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but you can always reach out to us online.

Read more about service updates during the Thanksgiving Holiday here.

Looking to reduce waste during your holiday celebration?

During the holidays, the biggest food weeks of the year, please remember to give thanks and joy to local farmers by placing all food scraps from festive occasions in your green curbside composting collection bin.  Food scraps from the preparation of meals – vegetable peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds, bones, and other residual foods – and plate scrapings represent vital resources to those who grow our food. That’s because food scraps contain fats and oils and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. These elements greatly appeal to farmers because to grow healthy fruits and vegetables they must feed the microorganisms that are the life of all soil.

The environmental benefits achieved from our collective participation in San Francisco’s curbside composting collection program are remarkable.

By composting we’ve kept 2 million tons of food scraps out of landfills and avoided producing many landfill gas emissions. The compost made from our scraps gives farmers a superior alternative to chemical fertilizers and helps farms save both water and energy. And vineyards use our compost to grow cover crops like mustard that pull carbon out of the atmosphere and return carbon to the soil where it belongs.

Knowing these environmental benefits, please remember to put all food scraps from holiday meals in a kitchen compost pail and empty those scraps into your green composting collection bin. The holidays present the best opportunity of the year to start and continue composting and thereby participate in a local program that helps protect the environment in multiple ways.