Split-Recycling Cart Collection

Each residential curbside recycling cart has two separate compartments. The label on the lid details what can be placed inside each of the cart’s compartments. Please place paper and small cardboard pieces in the side with the black lid, and place plastic, aluminum, glass bottles and cans in the side with the blue lid.  Cardboard boxes larger than 2 cubic feet should be flattened and placed on the ground next to the recycling carts on collection day.  Do not place trash inside the recycling cart.

recology davis cartsThe recycling truck that picks up the curbside split recycling carts has two separate storage areas inside—one for paper and one for containers. When the arm of the recycling truck lifts the recycling cart and turns it upside down over the truck, the lids on the cart flap open, directing the paper into one storage area and the containers into the other. The two recycling streams are kept completely separate. When the recycling truck empties the recyclables at the recycling center, it empties the paper into the paper sorting piles, and the containers into the container sorting piles.