SF Accepts New Recyclable Items

Recology and SF Environment announced that new items can now be tossed in the blue bin, including paper coffee cups, bundled plastic bags, and aseptic containers.


  • Plastic bags, plastic wrap: You can now recycle clean plastic bags. Collect bags inside a plastic bag and put in your blue recycling bin.
  • Paper coffee cups: Put cup, sleeve, and plastic lid in blue bin. Make sure cup is empty of liquid before recycling.
  • Milk cartons, juice cartons: Paper cartons now go in the blue bin. Empty contents.
  • Ice cream containers: Empty ice cream containers now go in the blue bin. Lids okay too.
  • Soy milk or soup cartons: Cartons (aseptic containers) now go in the blue bin. Make sure carton is empty of liquid before recycling
  • Fabric: If reusable, visit RecycleWhere. If not, put clean fabric in a clear bag, then in blue bin. Rips, holes, single socks okay. No shoes or belts.