Recycling Updates and Best Practices

Plastic bags and plastic film (i.e. plastic wrapped around cases of bathroom tissue) are no longer accepted in your blue recycling bin. These items cause significant challenges in the recycling process and are difficult to capture and recycle when mixed with other recyclable material. This material should be bagged together and taken to a drop off location, like a local grocery store, or placed in the garbage as a last resort.

The best way to recycle effectively is to keep non-recyclable materials out of your blue bin. Only the following materials are accepted in your blue bin:

    • Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Metal
    • Glass (bottles, jars)
    • Plastic tubs, jugs, bottles and rigid plastics larger than 3 inches

Recyclable material in your blue bin should be empty, clean and dry. A few drops of liquid here and there are okay, but excessive liquid or food debris will contaminate paper and cause it to mold, rendering it non-recyclable. Paper products soiled with food or liquid should go in your green compost and yard waste bin.

Review your recycling and food and yard waste guides and contact us if you have questions about specific items.

One of the best ways you can prevent waste is to reduce and reuse! The Recology Store in Shoreline offers products that encourage waste reduction by replacing disposable items with reusable ones and is staffed with a team of recycling experts who can answer your questions and offer advice about reducing waste.