Recycle Right: Commercial & Multi-family Customers – Enhanced Outreach Efforts

Have you heard of the National Sword Policy?

Recent Chinese policies have resulted in a global campaign to reduce contamination (material that does not belong in the recycling container). The resulting new standards have impacted recycling efforts throughout the United States, and require a renewed focus on how and what to recycle.

Enhanced education & outreach efforts will begin January 1, 2019 to reduce contamination in recycling bins.

What is contamination?

Contamination is defined as 10% or more non-recyclable material inside your recycling container. Contamination causes major issues once recycling has been collected, directly impacting the recyclability of the material.

How will Recology identify contamination?

Starting January 1 2019, Recology CleanScapes will conduct visual recycling audits for commercial and multi-family customers in the City of SeaTac. The process includes:

  1. Recology audits a container/cart
  2. Recology determines if contamination is present
  3. If contamination is present, Recology calls Customer to inform
  4. Recology also sends letter to inform Customer of contamination

What happens if contamination persists?

A contamination fee will be applied to your invoice after numerous attempts have been made without receiving a response to resolve the existing contamination issue.

If a business or apartment continues to be unresponsive or does not implement recycling best practices, a contamination fee will be applied to your invoice each time contamination is identified through an onsite visual audit.

NEW Recycling Updates in 2019

Plastic film is no longer accepted in your recycling container. Please place all plastic bags, pallet wrap, saran wrap, etc. into the garbage container. This is NEW starting January 1, 2019. You may also recycle plastic film at stores participating in plastic bag collection.

How can I improve my businesses/apartments recycle stream?

Recology offers a variety of free resources such as onsite waste audits and technical assistance, recycling training for your business or apartment, posters, container labels and more. Contact our local Customer Service Team at 206.767.1166 or email if you have any questions about recycling best practices or would like to request on site assistance.

Do your employees/tenants know what’s recyclables?

There are five main categories of recyclable material: paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass. To ensure you’re ONLY placing recyclable material in your blue container review your recycling guide.  

Watch Recology’s Better at the Bin video!

Do your employees/tenants know how to properly prepare your recyclables?

Follow three simple rules: Empty, Clean and Dry. Empty any residual food or liquid, clean the container with a quick rinse and allow the moisture to dry before tossing in the recycle container.  Keep your recycling lids closed to keep out the rain.