Private Road Liability Waiver

Effective October 1, 2019 Recology will be Mercer Island’s new recycling, compost and garbage hauler.

As a precautionary measure, Recology originally requested a road damage waiver from all residents located on private roads. However, after hearing feedback from the community, we recognize that a modified approach would better serve the residents of Mercer Island, and allow us to safely service private roads.

Recology is modifying our approach in the following ways:

      • We are working closely with the City of Mercer Island to update the waiver language.
      • All signed waivers that have been received to date will be returned.
      • We are in the process of evaluating private road conditions and will only ask residents to sign the revised Road Damage Waiver where there is a clear, identifiable risk of damage to a private road. Only those residents proactively contacted by Recology will require a waiver. If you are not contacted by September 1, no waiver will be required.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter. We look forward to serving your community this October.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact our Customer Service team:

Phone: 206.381.6980