One Truck, Two Carts

Split Body Trucks Allow for Efficient Curbside Collection
Dual compartment collection vehicles, otherwise known as split-body trucks, are used to collect two types of materials with one truck and route. It’s little known fact that Recology pioneered the use of the split-body collection trucks for residential and commercial curbside collection.

The trucks have two compartments that keep source-separated materials (recyclables or compostables) in a separate compartment from landfill-bound materials. These two types of materials will never intermingle during collection or processing.

Once material is collected, drivers may drop two materials off at separate locations, depending on the service area. Recyclables head to material processing facilities (MRFs), and landfill materials head to transfer stations or directly to the nearest landfill.

Split-body trucks make it possible to efficiently collect recyclables and landfill materials in one route, reducing the number of trucks on the road and therefore, our GHG emissions.