We’re Updating Your Services

Recology Sunset Scavenger and Recology Golden Gate residential customers will see a few service adjustments beginning July 2017.

These improvements will help prevent the landfilling of material that is otherwise recyclable, increase recycling and composting participation, and further support San Francisco’s goal of zero waste and the mandatory recycling and composting ordinance.


We’re moving to larger recycling bins & smaller trash bins

Currently, our standard residential services include a 32-gallon composting, recycling, and trash bin. The new residential standard bin sizes now include a 32-gallon composting bin (same size green), 64-gallon recycling bin (larger blue), and a 16-gallon trash bin (smaller black). The new residential standard bin sizes will provide customers with 16 gallons more of total capacity than the old standard sizes, and is in response to many customer requests for smaller trash bins and bigger recycling bins (if you currently have a 20-gallon trash bin, your bin sizes will not change).


New bin delivery

New bins will be delivered throughout 2017-18 on a route-by-route basis. Residential customers will receive notification in the weeks preceding the new bin delivery date. We will mail you a reminder postcard with the exact date that we will deliver your new bins and remove non-standard ones.

These adjustments reflect the fact that most materials currently being landfilled belong in the recycling and composting bins. There is also a need for larger recycling bins due to additional accepted items, such as aseptic containers and plastic bags (bagged together), that may now be recycled, and an increase in the volume of cardboard generated in San Francisco.

Happy with your current bin sizes? Let us know!

If you would rather keep your current bin sizes, please use the form below, email us at customerservice@recologysf.com, or call 415-330-1300 to notify customer service.

The way we collect your bins is changing

You may see some changes in the way that we collect your materials. Currently, your recyclables and trash are collected by one, split-chamber truck (separate compartments for each material), and your compost is collected by another truck.

Although your collection day will remain the same, your compost and trash will now be collected by one, split-chamber truck, and your recyclables will be collected separately in a larger capacity single-chamber truck.


New refuse rates

Recology is making improvements to help San Francisco move closer to zero waste. Beginning July 1, 2017, new residential refuse rates are effective, as outlined by the City of San Francisco Public Works Department. Please visit the rates page to check out the new rates in detail, or use the rate calculators below.


Thank you for your assistance while we facilitate these changes, and for helping San Francisco get closer to zero waste. For additional information, please call us at (415) 330-1300.