New Recycling Surcharge

Is my recycling going to a landfill?

No, not if you live in Ashland or Talent. Recently, the Ashland City Council and Talent City Council both voted unanimously to ensure recyclables don’t end up in landfills.

Has what goes into my recycle cart changed?

No, nothing has changed regarding what can be placed inside your recycle cart, however, it’s never been more important to double-check that what you put in your cart *actually* goes. Please see the list below to verify you’re recycling the proper materials. If an item isn’t on the list, it’s because that material is not recyclable through Ashland & Talent’s curbside program.

I heard the City Council voted in favor of customers paying a recycling surcharge to avoid sending recyclable material to landfills. What changes should I expect on my Recology bill?

Come January, you will notice a new recycling surcharge on your bill. This surcharge will be evaluated quarterly to reflect the market conditions of the previous quarter.

How is this new Recycling Surcharge calculated?

The Recycling Surcharge will be calculated and adjusted as needed each quarter based solely on the market costs of each of the following three components required for the recycled materials to reach the recycling markets:

1) Post customer collection processing and market costs $2.28
2) Materials transport $0.90
Total Cost Per Account     $3.18


The maximum total amount of the Recycling Surcharge may not exceed $3.50 per month without review and approval of the City Council in the form of a new or amended resolution.