Green Your Halloween

Make this years Halloween a win-win!
Put your pumpkin in the yard waste bin!


Why should I recycle & keep my pumpkin out of the trash?

  • Putting your pumpkin in the yard waste recycling bin means your pumpkin will go to a composting facility and produce compost. Compost builds healthier soil, helps soil retain water and reduces weed growth -all without pesticides!
  • Keeping pumpkins out of the trash reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Decomposing organics in our trash produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 more time more potent than carbon dioxide.
  • Please note no other food waste should be thrown in your yard waste bin at this time.

Green Halloween Tricks and Treats

  • Reuse! Consider using a pillow case, or other reusable bag to collect Halloween loot. You can also shop for costumes at one of our many local thrift shops, or swap costumes with one of your friends! View the San Benito County Recycling guide for a listing of local thrift shops.
  • Walk your trick or treating route rather than driving.
  • Avoid using disposable plastic decorations. Instead, look for recyclable and biodegradable products, or utilize natural decorations like pumpkins and dried corn.
  • Use LED bulbs for lighting your ghoulish holiday displays. This conserves energy & saves money on energy bills.
  • Hand out organic candies and those made with fair trade ingredients. You can also keep an eye out for brands that donate some of their profits to conservation, wild animal research, and other environmentally friendly charities.

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