Free “What Goes Where?” Recycling Workshop

Find out what happens to our waste, hear the latest in recycling technology, and learn to Recycle Right!


You want to do the right thing, but the rules around recycling can be confusing. Recology’s Waste Zero experts are here to help.

In this free, one-hour session you’ll learn:

  • Which materials are accepted in your blue recycling bin
  • How to properly prepare your recyclables for collection with guidance on items you may be seeing more of today such as cleaning wipes, masks, and disposable utensils
  • Why proper sorting and preparation of your recyclables is so important

You’ll also get tips and information that will help make the recycling process easier and less time-consuming.

Join us on Thursday, July 16 from 6-7pm via Zoom:

Meeting Password: 071620

We hope to see you there!