Community Reuse & Recycling Event

Join us on Saturday, May 5 from 9am – 1pm at Wedgewood Presbyterian Church Parking Lot – 8008 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115.  View the full event flyer here.  Service is provided on a first come, first serve basis. We reserve the right to refuse oversized, contaminated, or commercial loads.  For more information on where to dispose of items not accepted at the event, try Seattle’s Where Does it Go Tool.


Drop off items for reuse & recycling for free!
Accepted Items Items NOT Accepted
  • Styrofoam & packing peanuts (Clean & dry. Accepting #4 and #6 Styrofoam blocks only.
    Please remove all tape.  Packing peanuts must be bagged).
    Bikes & bike parts
    Household batteries (Tape ends of all batteries.  Separate button, alkaline/nickel, and lithium
    batteries into individual sealed bags.  Separate rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.
    Leaking or broken batteries not accepted).
    CFL tubes and bulbs (No broken bulbs; limit 4ft)
    Small electronics (TVs, computers, printers, cell phones)
    Small appliances (Non-Freon)
    Clothing/linens (Clean and dry)
    Furniture & household goods (Books, dishware, toys, etc.  Good condition only.)
  • Commercial loads
    Broken furniture or household goods
    Yard waste
    Hazardous waste
    Automotive waste
    Construction waste
    Car seats
    Non-recyclable or reusable items