Celebrate Earth Day – April 22, 2017

All across the globe, people are gearing up for this year’s Earth Day celebrations. While Recology practices sustainable thinking year-round, Earth Day allows us the opportunity to bring attention to larger environmental issues that are directly related to waste reduction efforts, such as climate change and energy consumption.

We encourage everyone to do three simple things this month for clean air, clean water, and farmlands. By doing a few simple things every day, we’re able to reduce the amount of natural resources that are needed to sustain our lifestyles:

1. If you live in a community where food scraps and yard trimmings are collected for composting – compost. Compost makes it possible for people who grow food and plants in healthy soil and reduce polluting gases that emerge from organic materials that decompose in landfills.

2. Turn off all non-essential lights in your house or office, or in rooms where you don’t need them.

3. Carpool, take public transit, or walk!