Become a Recycling Advocate!

Volunteers play an important role in helping the City of San Francisco and Recology meet waste reduction goals. Recology and San Francisco Department of the Environment are excited to introduce a new volunteer role called Recycling Advocate, to help apartment residents succeed at recycling and composting.  Recycling Advocates play an essential role in helping apartment buildings achieve increased participation in recycling and composting programs.

What is a Recycling Advocate?

Recycling Advocates are volunteers responsible for maintaining and promoting environmental stewardship in their apartment building. The primary duties include, but may not be limited to:

  • Posting signage to inform residents of what goes where
  • Sending emails or contacting residents who opt-in to receive information about recycling and composting, and promoting the Recology and SF Environment tools available to apartment residents
  • Hosting a Waste Zero speaker (Recology or SF Environment Employee) to present to fellow residents on how to recycle and compost, or, show this video to help tenants improve recycling practices:

Recology and SF Environment are here to help, providing information and resources to facilitate effective and appropriate best practices sharing with neighbors in your building. This is a six month to one-year volunteer opportunity.  An estimated commitment of 2-5 hours per month will be needed to successfully fulfill the role of a Recycling Advocate. Recycling Advocates must be at least 18 years old.

Recycling Advocates will be recognized by the combined leadership of SF Environment and Recology, and will be invited to several planned environmental activities such as press conferences and community events. All participants will also have an opportunity to attend VIP events and workshops and become part of the growing community of Recycling Advocates in San Francisco.

How to Apply:

Interested in becoming a Recycling Advocate?  Please email