The Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is not only the starting point for tours of the Recology Transfer Station, it is also an educational hub for those interested in learning more about recycling, composting, zero waste, and reuse. Each learning exhibit at the ELC engages students of all ages to conserve natural resources and protect our planet. Explore all our exhibits below!


Shopping for Sustainability: Coming Soon!

With so many options and confusing labels on packaging, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to try and purchase the most environmentally sustainable product. Use these tips to help make your next shopping trip a little easier.

Plastics in Our Oceans: Coming Soon!

Plastics are a part of our lives and have a place and purpose on our planet, but that place is not in our bodies or in our environment. Learn about the important research the 5 Gyres Institute has done on plastics in our oceans and how you can help fight plastic pollution.

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Compost Virtual Tour

Compost is so much more than just soil. Did you know it is home to millions of living creatures and can also help combat climate change? Find out more.

What Goes Where?

Visit our site whatbin.com to learn more.


100 Years of Recology: A Timeline

In 2020, Recology celebrated a Century of Innovation. Take a look at how early recycling first came to be, and the changes Recology made to get to where we are today.

Zero Waste Tips: Coming Soon!

Making the transition to zero-waste alternatives may seem hard, but with these tips and tricks you can save money, time, and the planet!