How often can I set out “occasional” extra recyclables and yard trimmings at my single-family home?
Please set out occasional extra recyclables and yard trimmings no more than six times a year. If you have extras more frequently, order a second recycling and/or yard trimmings cart at no additional charge.

Why does Mountain View have the split cart recycling system at single-family homes?
All of the recycling, yard trimmings and garbage from the whole City of Mountain View are sent to the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station. The SMaRT Station sorts through fiber-based recyclables and container-based recyclables separately to decrease contamination and to ensure that all materials end up at their correct destination where they will get to live on.

Why is there a black cart and a tan cart for recycling paper and cardboard at multi-family dwellings?Originally, the tan cart was for newspaper only and the black cart was for all other paper and cardboard materials. Over time  newspapers became less common, and the contents of the black and tan carts began to be picked up at the same time – thereby mixing the materials. Our plan is to phase out the black carts over time, and make the tan carts the only color for paper and cardboard recycling.

Is it okay to put my recyclables in a plastic bag before placing in a recycling cart or bin?
Though we would prefer to collect loose recyclables, it is okay to put your recyclables in a plastic bag. If it is necessary to place your recyclables in a plastic bag, please make sure that the bag is clear. Recyclables that are placed in black bags are deemed as garbage at the SMaRT Station.

Can I leave the lids on bottles when I put them in the recycling carts or bins?
Yes, feel free to leave the lids on bottles when recycling them. Once sent to the appropriate recycling vendors, the different plastics are separated using advanced machinery. At the Mountain View SMaRT Station, however, lids must be taken off to redeem bottles for CRV.